Design Systems and Standardization

Design System for UTP's online courses

My team at UTP needed a way to make it easier and faster to create educational resources across multiple platforms. For this, I standardized the different design elements we use and created a multi-platform and multi-format design system.

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Documentation and Standardization

Wiki and documentation for DAV

At UTP, we needed a way to centralize all the course design information and workflows focused on the generation of online courses in one single place. My proposal consisted of creating a Wiki with all this information. Over time, I’ve redesigned the Wiki once, and it gets updates and expansions every 4-5 months.

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Standardization and Workflows

Digix Case Study

I had the opportunity to present a project proposal for the Creative team at Digix - a company in the health sector - within a Design Ops course. The proposal focused on the creation of Definitions of Ready and Done for the various deliverables they manage - supported by clear documentation for their different teams.

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